Guitar Learning Books for Beginners

This book is the ideal introduction to playing the guitar and note reading for young kids from 5 years old.

  • Young Kids learn differently to older kids. They don’t have the necessary cognitive and fine motor skills required to learn from a traditional guitar teaching method.
  • Offers a unique, simple and graded solution. It works with a young child’s natural learning processes.
  • Students play using the principles of observation and pattern recognition.
  • Students will learn to read music in the same way they learn to read words. By associating a word with an object, a child learns to read. In this book, students can associate words of songs with notes in musical phrases.
  • Pieces contained in this book initially allow the student to focus on developing one fine motor skill at a time in the context of fun,educational and engaging pieces.
  • Young students will be able to play guitar and read music quickly and easily.
  • Comes with teaching hints, revision flash cards and cool, free downloadable backing tracks.
  • For the best guitar tuition experience you can offer your young students

Of the guitar learning books for beginners that are currently on the market, none of them work very well for children that are in the 5-9 year age group. The guitar books for kids that presently exist appear to be written for children in that they are nicely illustrated and the tunes seem simple but essentially they require the young child to learn in the same way as an older child or adult. The demands placed on a young child’s fine motor skills, fledgling cognition and resulting lack of progress frustrates students, parents and teachers almost ensuring that a young child’s experience learning guitar to be short and unpleasant. The best beginner guitar book may not be the one you are currently using.

Copy, Play and Learn – One of the Best Guitar Books for Kids and Beginners

Whether they are learning to speak, write or perform a physical activity, young children learn naturally by imitating those around them. They often learn to read words through repetition and associate a word with an image or object. They are naturally visual learners. These are the same approaches that ‘Copy, Play and Learn Guitar the Easy, Fun Way for Young People’ use in teaching children how to play the guitar and read and interpret music.

Based on songs designed to engage and appeal to young people, this book aims to develop musicianship, note reading, fine motor skills and encourages children to recognise and play recurring rhythmic and melodic patterns in varying harmonic settings as they piece together a story based on a boy, his friends and family. For the teacher, finger dexterity exercises of both hands are isolated and drilled and for the student, these are turned into realsongs.

By observing and imitating a visually logical pattern of notes as demonstrated by their teacher, a young person can confidently play the easy and fun pieces to a vibrant backing track. The child develops the ability to process and interpret pitch and rhythm as they play the guitar!

If you’d like to learn the best way to teach kids guitar, book yourself a few minutes and read about how the method works or the science of my method. 

Copy, Play and Learn – A Guitar Book for Kids

The Copy, Play and Learn Guitar revolution is empowering everyday kids to a bright musical future

No ordinary kids’ guitar book. Copy, Play and Learn – the Professional’s secret weapon

A guitar teaching note reading program using the principles of observation, imitation and pattern recognition.

  • Learn Fast
  • Learn Fun
  • Learn Easy
  • Learn Smart

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